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Lawn and

To ensure a greener and healthier lawn, we also offer treatments adapted to its needs. Whether it is for white grubs, pH balance or simply for weed control, our team will make sure to solve all the problems that arise in your lawn. We also offer fertilization to ensure your lawn has the necessary nutrients it needs to perform at its best.

Clean flowerbeds are essential for the appearance of your home. Let our team take care of the backbreaking work to ensure your gardens really look their best this season.
Whether it’s planting flowers or just simple weeding, we assure you that your flower beds will look great when we’re done.

A hedge is one of the first things you notice on someone’s property. If left untended, it really shows and can also become a potential hazard. Trust that our team will leave your bushes and hedges looking beautiful!

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Pavers and

With more than 7 years of experience and the required know-how, entrust our team with the terrace or the new walkway of your dreams. We are always ready to work with our customers to bring their ideas to life!

Through wear and tear, your pavers can shift over time. Instead of replacing the entire area, sometimes all it takes is a small repair. Entrust this task to our team and we will restore your pavers to their former glory!

Let our team build the flower beds you always wanted so that your garden really stands out from the rest. From the chosen borders to the flowers within them, your garden is sure to look its best when we’re done.

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Cleaning and
polymer sand

-Garden furniture
-Trash bins
And much more!

With wear, the polymeric sand between your pavers weakens and can let unwanted plants and insects through the cracks. A good pressure washing and polymer sand replacement will definitely fix these issues. Trust our team to restore your pavers to their former glory!

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