Lawn and Yard Maintenance

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Lawn Care

Lawn Maintenance

Beausol offers you a weekly or bimonthly service that includes mowing, edge trimming and blowing debris from all hard surfaces. A well-maintained lawn will ensure fewer insects, better rooting and good ventilation resulting in a healthier better looking lawn.

Lawn Care

We also offer other services that will help you keep your lawn green, dense and above all, healthy! Combined with our lawn maintenance service, your property will stand out from your neighbors. Look below for more information.

The best time for aeration is in spring and fall. The benefits are:

  • A less compact lawn
  • Better absorption of water, oxygen and nutrients
  • A greener lawn and deeper rooting
  • Better absorption of fertilizers

We will use a specialized machine to dig very small, even holes in your lawn. We will then mulch the small clumps of soil on your lawn, in order for it to be used as compost. This will allow your lawn to get the room it needs to grow in at its best, and absorb nutrients.

Thatch is a layer of organic matter (roots, grass, leaves, etc.) that accumulates on the ground. If the layer of thatch is too thick, it will prevent water, air and nutrients from reaching the soil all while compacting it. Excessive thatch can also provide shelter for several types of insects. The best time for thatch control is in the spring and fall. Here are some of the benefits of dethatching your lawn :

  • Denser lawn
  • Greener lawn
  • Facilitates the entry of water and nutrients into the soil.

Instantly beautify your yard with our professional sod installation service. Our experts meticulously prepare the soil, lay high-quality sod, and provide you with the necessary maintenance advice. We guarantee a flawless result and immediate satisfaction. Transform your outdoor space quickly and efficiently. Contact us to get started!

Overseeding your established lawn can revitalize your yard and restore its natural beauty. Your lawn will also be greener and more vigorous, in addition to being more resistant to heat, drought, diseases and insects.



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